Salamander Trust is supporting the awesome work of our colleagues, the CFAR-Uganda trainers to make use of our gender-transformative Stepping Stones programmes. These programmes support communities to build their long-term resilience, to overcome the dual challenges of violence against women and violence against children in the context of HIV. All CFAR's work is holistic, gendered and child-rights based.


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Salamander Trust

The Salamander Trust was created to challenge, catalyse and transform the way we think about AIDS

The Salamander Trust is a young, small, organisation with a global reach. Throughout all our work, each of our different projects seeks to challenge us all to:

  • develop greater understanding of the issues
  • catalyse new initiatives and
  • transform the way we think about HIV

You can read about all the work that we do by visiting other pages of this website. Salamander Trust is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and as a registered charity in the UK. We are also registered for Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC).


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